Month: August 2016

Is it profitable to buy the spare parts for the foreign cars online?

Nowadays, every body shop offers the following services: the selection of spare parts from a catalogue, the verification of theirs availability in the manufacturers, distributors, the fast delivery of goods to the customer (directly to the service station, home or garage.

spare parts for the foreign cars

Now it is safe to say that the future belongs to the online-trading, which is affirmed by many c. Therefore, if you need the car parts, it makes sense to buy them in the Internet, as it will be a lot cheaper for you.

For many sceptics, claiming that one should hold the spare parts before buying, we can provide the following arguments:

  • Now you don’t have to leave the work or home to make a purchase.
  • The seller of the online store has all the necessary software to make a right choice of the spare parts. Therefore, the risk of making a mistake is much lower.
  • The prices for the spare parts online are much lower. Here you can get a warranty on the product and an official document, affirming that you have made a purchase.
  • The online store of car parts will check the availability of goods at the warehouses of the major suppliers.

GPS-systems are increasingly being used in everyday life

GPS – systems have found their major use in the systems of securing and monitoring and in the ordinary daily life.


GPS – beacons are perfectly proven themselves, every major transport company decided long ago a number of problems installing these devices on their cars. In Japan, the GPS-module was built into shoes, this is done to ensure that relatives can track the movement of the elderly and children. Last year alone, more than 430 people are missing in the country. First of all, it is the elderly with memory impairment. Previously, GPS-module was inserted into the special medallions, which are often forgotten at home or lost. In addition, there was a problem with the definition of the holder of GPS location -medallion, in densely populated areas. Developers of innovative footwear approached comprehensively to this problem. And now you can easily track all movements of an elderly person or a child with the help of a smartphone and a computer, to know with almost 100% accuracy where it is located in the city with an accuracy of a few meters. Data of the system is available also for the medical staff.

Windshield as an essential part of the car

Windshield as an essential part of the car.

The windshield has several fundamental tasks. One of the main requirement to the windshield is a high transparency of material, so that it doesn’t distort traffic conditions. The windshield must also have a high level of mechanical strength, as it is the weight-bearing element of construction., whose strength determines the passenger safety in case of emergency. Before buying the windshield from any manufacturer, make sure that it meet these standards.


The windshield called “ Triplex” are very common today. It has the following production technology: the film is located between two layers of glass. The windshield is installed not as the older models. It is pasted in the body frame. The conditions of full integrity without any chips make this construction more reliable and safer.

How to buy good spares

How to buy good spares US

The American automobile corporation General Motors (GM) has successfully invades the aHow to buy good sparesutomotive market of the former Soviet Union and for 4-5 years, concern GM can surely be called a leader among foreign cars. Turnovers of delivery of the iron horse of this brand increased incrementally each year.

Whichever model would not be your machine, it is necessary to carry out a cosmetic, prophylactic or complete renovation. If you want to repair your car quality for years, it requires quality spares from GM products.

You should remember about the factor, that the more the price of your favorite car, the more gratis counterfeit spares are produced for it. During the choosing the right spares it is definitely better to cooperate with authorized dealers in showrooms for the sale of spare parts. Buying items in the showroom, you will be given a guarantee on the purchased item.