Month: October 2016

Are the means for saving fuel effective?

saving fuelThe efficiency of fuel additives, friction modifiers and activators are investigated by Universal German Automobile Club (ADAC).

These three tested group of products are a number of similar additives for gasoline and diesel engines, aimed to reducing fuel consumption. Fuel consumption measurements were carried out before and during the use of the popular promotional items, as focus light bulbs.

The fuel additive in the form of tablets for diesel and gasoline engines. The manufacturer promises from 10 to 20% reduction in fuel consumption, from 7 to 14% increase in mileage.

Fuel Activator – Friedrich Hagansa magnet for mounting on the fuel lines in diesel and gasoline engines. It is reported to 8% reduction in fuel consumption, reduce emissions of environmental pollution.

Additives in engine oil for diesel and petrol motors – friction modifiers. The manufacturer promises a higher productivity of the engine, reducing oil consumption and reduced wear.

During testing of fuel additives, activators and magnetic friction modifiers, none of these agents did not show the claimed effect. None of the tested means even partially fulfill the promise of manufacturers – reducing of fuel consumption.