Month: December 2016

How You Can Help Reduce Costs of a New Fuel Pump

But the most important segments of this video is evaluating shop returns to the counter as we discussed earlier segment how careful scrutiny of return units can reduce returns reduce costs and improve the supply chains efficiency. Careful examination by the counter people is critical to determine if a part is warranty able. One of things that we need to do is ensure that a return part is earmarked before returning it to the correct distributor or supplier regardless of the box that is the end typically the manufacturer will have identification on the par to ensure we have the right components in the right box before we send it back. Outside of that there were many other items that are not war table in front of me are complete selection of items that were set back that were not able to meet warranty if we look we’re going to see everything from a broken fuel line in this case the installer obviously broke theplastic connection at the fuel pump module itself.
fuel pump cost
And sent it back for warranty this would not be a valid warranty concern for obvious reasons. Sometimes the part is cannibalized or disassemble if we take a look at this module itself. The installer. Could not get the connector out and ripped the wires out and then sent it back for warranty not a valid warranty consideration. Other items that we need to look for are things like rust or dirt in the strainer assembly. I think in this out of a fuel pump cost module and you can see the dirt and contaminants that were in the fuel pump module in this was sent back. For a warranty claim obviously what we have this kind of dirt contamination that is what is most likely to ruin the new pump or module other things we need to look for is the module or strainer moving beyond the return date sometimes when you pull a fuel pump module out like with this one you’ll see this is significantly discolored which means it’s been in the vehicle long time.

Couple indications are not only did discoloration on the fuel pumpmodule itself but also discoloration on the strainer which means that this unit is probably older than one year old so looking physically at the unit can give a good indication of what may be wrong. Sometimes we’ll have been ordered burnt connectors sort is very portant that we checked the connector itself to be sure that we don’t have any Burke or bent terminals again caused by someone improperly disconnecting or connecting or testing the fuel pump and damaging those pieces as they were doing the testing. And of course any other improperly.

Check circuits or modified wiring would be a reason to deny the war to the part that of course all electrical circuits need to be checked whether they are new or uninstalled unit it’s important that we make sure that the unit you’re going back is proper for warranty based on the previous examples that we talked about often a fuel pump that is returned for warranty may not be a fault of the part itself often it may be the installer or the environment that the fuel pump was installed in. As a counter men your jobs become a good detective and try to make sure that a warranty part goes back to the manufacturer is a legitimate warranty and not something that was caused by the environment or by the installer all of these should give you a good example of some of the things to look for.