Month: January 2017

2014 Dodge Charger Test Drive and Review

So you want a muscle car but you need something more practical but you want a muscle car but you need a vehicle to carry people and stuff around no you want a muscle car but you’re looking at you need something more practical you want to have fun you want a hand sign Did 2014 down. Average Gackt. With its bold muscular sheet metal quiet comfortable interior and great driving down a. The Dodge charger continues to muscle through the competition in the large sedan segment and you know the drill today I’m gonna be doing a review of the 2014 Charger. So if you’re at odds with yourself one phone versus practicality.

Dodge Charger The Dodge Charger may just be the ticket for you. Good luck to you Janet thing around all you like in a cage. I like to think of the charger as the muscles sedan mean looks and power with 4 doors. New nice Dodge Charger halo headlights. Yes sometimes I believe that less is more in this review is one of those times. So I’m not gonna pound you overhead with the budget details and facts. I’m just gonna say it’s priced right it’s roomy and comfortable it has a well built interior with the retro feel and the top of the line SRT 8 comes with a 6.4 liter V8, with damn near 500 horsepower. 470 horsepower yellow so really what more is there to say besides its Memorial Day and I have a barbecue to go to.

Take my word for it get out and test drive a charger today. Or maybe in a couple of days after you recover. For a more in depth look at the charger check out my 2011 review by clicking the box on the screen. So there you have it another honest on a review from an average guy if you’re in the market for a muscle so they and you gotta check out the charger now see you next time but in the meantime keep. Pushing. Play. You want a muscle car you want to have fun you wanna have thank. 170 life balance yell if you like this video please click subscribe it somewhere on the screen do it for the average guy and tell a friend about the site.