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GPS-systems are increasingly being used in everyday life

GPS – systems have found their major use in the systems of securing and monitoring and in the ordinary daily life.


GPS – beacons are perfectly proven themselves, every major transport company decided long ago a number of problems installing these devices on their cars. In Japan, the GPS-module was built into shoes, this is done to ensure that relatives can track the movement of the elderly and children. Last year alone, more than 430 people are missing in the country. First of all, it is the elderly with memory impairment. Previously, GPS-module was inserted into the special medallions, which are often forgotten at home or lost. In addition, there was a problem with the definition of the holder of GPS location -medallion, in densely populated areas. Developers of innovative footwear approached comprehensively to this problem. And now you can easily track all movements of an elderly person or a child with the help of a smartphone and a computer, to know with almost 100% accuracy where it is located in the city with an accuracy of a few meters. Data of the system is available also for the medical staff.